The Genuine Euphorbia milii 90 varieties in Thailand.       Euphorbia milii (Crown of Thorns), known in Thai as Poy-sean. Euphorbia milii need full sun to partial shade with warm temperatures. The plant should be allowed to dry thoroughly between waterings. In the winter months, water should be restricted to once over the winter. The most common failure in growing this plant is over-watering, especially during the winter months. Euphorbia milii flower dependably whenever they get enough Read more

     We are one of the largest resources of aquatic plant and ornamental plant in Thailand.      The Ewaterplant Inc. We are one of the largest aquatic plants suppliers and resource for the pond plant in Thailand. We provide all kind of aquarium plants available for freshwater aquariums. We ship the finest aquatic plants to aquarium enthusiasts world wide. Our aquaculture specialists have 35 years experience working with freshwater aquarium plants ,pond plants ,Thai water lily ,lucky bamboo Read more

Assorted Colors Euphorbia milii for sale Size available 10-15 cm Euphorbia milii Thai hybrids for sale in assorted colors. There are 5 assorted color Red, Pink, Yellow, White and Bi color. You will receive assorted bright color in different varieties in this assortment. All varieties in the collection have a large colourful flowering continues throughout the year. The plants are extremely healthy and fully hardy also require very little care. Assorted "Red" Euphorbia milii Assorted "Pink" Read more

New Hardy water lily "Queen Sirikit" A Thai horticultural researcher Mr.Pairat Songpanit, an academic in the Department of Agriculture has developed a purple-hued water lily named after Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. The new hybrid water lily has petals which are coloured purple at their tips while the base is white. The sepals are in hues of white mixed with green. This cross-pollinated water lily can breed naturally. House Agriculture Magazine  Available from : Read more

Thai Euphorbia milii new hybrids 2016 : Set A (size available 4 inch) The most famous Thai Euphorbia milii (Crown of Thorns) in this year more 70 varieties are available in our nursery. These rooted plant grow in pot 2 inch height 4" matured plant ready to give flowers. Read more