Water lily and Lotus in Thailand 1. Tropical water lily Tropical Water Lilies are easy-to-grow variety with impressive color, nice fragrance, pretty leaves, and the ability to adjust to the size of the container it is grown in. Requires full to partial sun. A great beginner waterlily.  View highly recommended 30 varieties of Tropical Waterlilies :     2.  Hardy water lily Very highly recommended! 25 varieties of Hardy Water Lily must have for anyone interested in growing hardy Read more

Frequently Asked Questions Q1 : Who is Ewaterplant ? A :  We have been exporting aquarium fish under the name of V.aquarium Thailand  Co.,Ltd  for  more than 35 years.  We are one of the pioneering companies doing this business. The name " Ewaterplant" come from the business expansion from exporting aquarium fish to include exporting aquarium plants, pond plants also ornamental plants. Q2 :  Where are the customers of Ewaterplant ? A :  Most of our customers are the importing Read more

Pond plant, Bog, Marginal plants                  Sweet flag                  Amazon                   Arrow head                     Bacopa                   Water canna                        Canna                 Crinum lily                 Giant Cyperus                Mondo grass                      Heliconia    Pandanus Palm Fragrant   Read more

Thai Hardy Water Lily collection       We offer a large selection of hardy water lilies for your pond. Thai Hardy waterlilies can be grown from cool to warm climates. Hardy water lilies are available in four main colors Red, Pink, White,Peach and Yellow. We offer an excellent selection of very high quality hardy water lilies at competitive prices. Chromatella Mangkala ubol Fabiola Chalene strawn Colorado Joey Tomacik Pink sensation Mexicana Madame Wilfron Read more

Minimum purchase order* 6.1  Wholesale order -shipping air freight to destination airport :  Minimum order amount 1,000$US/shipment or 700$US for a new customer. 6.2  Small quantity order -shipping Registered post, EMS, FedEx : Minimum order amount 250 $US/Order or Seed 100$  6.3  Tourist order -delivery service to hotel in Bangkok : Minimum order amount 250 $US/Order        *Not included freight/ shipping cost and other charges. online ordering Read more

Terms of Payment     1. Advance payment by T/T (SWIFT) remittance to Bank Account Payments of new customers must be paid in advance 100% deposit according to our proforma invoice as requested from consignee.     2. Pay with PayPal for retail order, Charge 4.95% of total amount according to a proforma invoice.   3. Western union  transfer money via Western Union to our local bank. Read more

Our guarantee and Claims - Shipping through Air freight : There will be no refund or return products. If the shipment is found dead plants upon arrival or rottenness, please contact us within 48 hours and approve with cleared pictures/officially documents, then we will give new plants 50% replace dead plants on the next order (not cover cost of shipping, packing charges). If not, we can not take any responsibility. - Shipping through FedEx / Airmail/ EMS : Please check with your country for restrictions, Read more

Firstly understanding "Black Rosy Adenium" It is not a true BLACK rosy adenium. Almost they are deep dark red or deep dark purple. As we have seen the actual flower bloom in Thailand almost it has black inner petal layer and very deep strong red/purple in outer petal layers. So some Thai gardener call "Black Adenium". Do not too worried Time will tell for you accurate adenium flower colors. Anyway please mind that strong high sun, high heat growing conditions is required for growing these plants Read more

Photos of Euphorbia Milii Thai hybrids. Share beautiful the newest plant photos and the collection of Euphorbia milii- Crown of thorns plants in Thailand. We supply more 90 varieties of Euphorbia milii rooted cutting multi color flowers. They always give unique attractive color flower, bright flowers year round in tropical climates. Read more