New hybrid variegate Plumeria This is new hybrid variegate Plumeria Thai named "MAYA" looks wonderful with the pink in the center, leaves changing color from pink to white to green. Plumeria "Chandra variegate" The variegate Plumeria variety is appropriately named "Chandra". In Thai means "The Moon" and this Plumeria is full of illusions with leaves changing color from yellow to white. Read more

Fresh Plumeria seed pod Wait until it has dry by itself We select only the good and healthy seeds and keep in storage temperature 15 degree celcius.  Our Plumeria seed  are mixed 28 varieties sold in packets of 1,000 seeds each package. Minimum order quantity require 1,000 seeds send by registered air mail. Seeds are shipped fresh and will give a minimum of 80% germination. ##  We do not sell seed separate by name variety  ## Available    Package 500, 1,000 and 2,000 seeds Read more

Thai Plumeria cutting : Grafted Plumeria plant for sale       We offers a extensive selection of exotic plumeria plants, plumeria cuttings, and plumeria seeds from Thailand. Plumeria       Plumeria is named after Charles Plumier, a seventeenth-century French botanist who described several tropical species. The genus contains 8 species of mainly deciduous shrubs and trees, originally from Central America, known for their strongly fragrant flowers. Plumeria is common names: plumeria, frangipani, Read more

To propagate lotus from seed. 1. To begin with collect the healthy seed from dry lotus seed head. Do not get fresh lotus seed. Fresh lotus seed head Fresh lotus seed removed from seed head Seed are a versatile food and can be eaten raw or cooked. This photo is dry lotus seed head Dry lotus seed ready for growing 2. Break through the hard outer seed coat that seals the seed from the elements. Use a file to scrape through the seed coat just slightly, until the white of the Read more

Submerged water plants : The plants that produces oxygen under water Plants that produces oxygen under water to help keep the pond in balance. Should be planted completely submerged. Submerged water plants are the unsung heroes in the war against green water, the one battle all pondkeepers are sure to face sooner or later. Important to water quality as well as water clarity, underwater plants help filter unwanted nutrients and add important oxygen to the water during the day. Besides their Read more

CNN selected Lake Nong Harn in Thailand is the 2nd world's strangest lakes. The yearly sprouting of thousands upon thousands of Red lotus flowers completely transforms the surface of Lake Nong Harn into an 8,000-acre vision of buoyant blossoms. This aquatic garden begins to grow in October, just after the rainy season. When it reaches full bloom in December, nearby villagers, who trace the origins of the lake to a tragic love myth, take to boats to enjoy the miraculous scenery. The sea of red lotuses—Talay Read more

This is a famous Aglaonema Nursery is located in Nonthaburi province about 25 km from centre point in Bangkok. Wholesale buyers are welcome but must contact us at the office to fix up an appointment. They offer a range of named Aglaonema cultivars of hybrids, all are rooted cutting plants in pot 4 and 6 inch. They sell Aglaonema mainly to growers, nurserymen and resellers. There are more 60 hybrids varieties available to supply all year round. It has been selected as one of Ewaterplant Co.Ltd genuine Read more