Visit a Genuine Anthurium Nursery in Thailand This is a famous and well-know Thai Anthurium nursery is located in Samut Sakhon Province about 60 km from center point in Bangkok. They offer a wide range of Anthurium cultivars of new hybrids/color. They grow Anthurium plants from tissue culture in a controlled environment. They sell Anthurium mainly to growers, nurserymen and resellers with blooming size in pot 4, 6,10,14 inch. Read more

Euphorbia Lactea catalog 2017 Crested Euphorbia lactea is a dramatic cactus houseplant and excellent living room plant. It looks fabulous on its own but also pairs beautifully with other cacti and succulents. So it is perfect for creating a textural collection of easy care desert plants. Read more

We supply the best quality Euphorbia Lactea to worldwide. The crested or fan-shaped and color mutants of Euphorbia lactea is widely cultivated in the tropics. Normally there are 6 normal varieties which are ruby, yellow, white, orange variegated green and violet, Size 4-5 inches crest width & 6 inches height. It is a beautiful and quite hardy species for the warmer zones and makes an incredible landscape plant. it has been growing in hot sun. It is a relatively slow grower.   Read more